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Morphometrical Characteristics of the Broader Area of Duvanjsko Polje, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Author(s): Denis Radoš | Sanja Lozić | Ante Šiljeg

Journal: Geoadria
ISSN 1331-2294

Volume: 17;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 177;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: geomorphometrical analysis | morphometric parameters | hillslopes | broader area of Duvanjsko polje

The objects of this study are the hillslopes in the broader area of Duvanjsko polje (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Slopes can be defined as relief surfaces determined by geographical position, slope inclination (related with horizontal surface), aspect, and degree of curvature (profile and planar).Recent slope shapes can be defined as results of series of natural and anthropogenic factors during relief genesis and evolution. It is possible to correlate slope characteristics with geological structure and other natural geographic features (climate, soils, vegetation etc.) using geomorphometrical analysis. The main aims of this study are: a) analysis of morphometric relief indicators, b) analysis of relationships between morphometric indicators, structural and lithological features, and c) synthesis of all analyzed indicators in order to better understand exogeomorphological and morphostructural features of the investigated area. The final intention is to assess the extent and intensity of the dominant geomorphologic processes. Special attention was given to the detailed geomorphometrical analysis of morphostructures in the broader area of Duvanjsko polje in GIS environment based on DMR. The applied geomorphometrical relief analysis included the use of different methods for precise calculation of the investigated area’s numerical relief parameters, which enabled a mutual comparison of specified parameters and comparison with tectonic units and lithology maps. The aim of this approach is a more exact analysis and interpretation of morphometric relief parameters as indicators of the investigated area’s endogenous and exogenous processes’ characteristics.
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