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Author(s): Nihal OTKEN

Journal: Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken
ISSN 1868-8934

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 95;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Turkish Folk Dances | Folk Dances | Dance Sorts | Bar Dances | Movement | Movement Analysis

The movement analysis in “Bar”, Which is a type of Turkish Folk Dances, the main subject of this article. Three regions Erzurum, Bayburt and Erzincan are chosen to determine the basic movements that are most used in “Bar”. The basic movements are determined by examining 7 or 8 dances for 3 regions, namely 23 dances in sum. The similar and different characteristics of the sort are revealed by examining the arm positions and basic figures in body parts, which are used in these dances. In the study, first of all, video records that were recorded in the interviews with the regional folk dance trainers, various folk dance shows and folk dance competitions, are transformed into digital environment by Asus Live Video to have bmp and jpeg formats for examining the body movements with the aim of determining them. As a result of this work, the photos are taken and examined in digital environment. By analyzing these determined basic movements that are used in “Bar” dances in the respect of anatomy also, the anatomy terms, which are used by the medicine, anatomy and kinetics scholars in the whole world internationally are employed for the explanations of the movements due to the lack of the written terminology of Turkish folk dances. In the conclusion part, the necessity of movement analysis and its advantages provided for education and training of folk dance are mentioned. Also this article is the first study which puts movement analysis about “Bar” into practice in Turkish folk dances. This article was prepared at Istanbul Technical University Institute of Social Sciences, supported by Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Projects Unit; "Determination of the Basic Movements Used in Folk Dances and Their Anatomical Analysis" is derived from the thesis Proficiency. The project examined five different types of folk dances. But from within the only “Bar” dances on the subject by examining the forms of movement, some stickers or additions are made on an article prepared.
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