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Movimentos sociais, multiculturalismo e educação: desafios para a sociedade contemporânea

Author(s): Sônia Maria Marchiorato Carneiro | Maria do Rosário Knechtel | Angélica Góis Morales

Journal: Educação : Revista do Centro de Educação UFSM
ISSN 0101-9031

Volume: 37;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 469;
Date: 2012;

Keywords: social movements | multicultural social movements | critical-emancipative education.

The present theoretic study focuses the relation between social multicultural movements and Education. It aims at analyzing pertinently relational data on tensions and conflicts among sociocultural groups, in view of a contemporary Education encompassing the cultural dynamics of society. There are initially summoned some conceptual assumptions of social movements and, in this context, of multicultural social movements in connection to some premises for coexistence alternatives among different group cultures. Sequentially, after a synthetic reference to the history of multicultural movements worldwide and in Brazil, there are discussed the meaning, approaches and urgency of the multicultural theme in Education, formal or otherwise. From such reflections follows the study conclusion, enhancing that formative institutions (Universities and schools) must undertake the multicultural questions in developing the citizenship of their subjects. Thus, it is enforced a political culture-referred educational formation, comprising so much knowing as reflecting on nowadays multicultural reality to project transformations conducive to a intercultural life-style, both respectful and just. To that end, it is compelling a professional preparation of educators under an inclusive, critical and emancipative pedagogical orientation.
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