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Multi Media Dry Imager and printer: Codonics Medical Disc Publisher: Virtua

Author(s): Eric Tual

Journal: Iranian Journal of Radiology
ISSN 1735-1065

Volume: 4;
Issue: S2;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Multi media dry imager and printer: Codonics"nCodonics, a privately held corporation headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has been pioneering medical hardcopy solutions for over a decade, and is the industry leader in multi-media imagers. The first to introduce color DICOM printers, we are now represented in over 80 countries by thousands of people with over 25,000 installations worldwide. "nNow, Codonics revolutionizes the medical industry with the introduction of the Horizon Multi-media imager. Horizon instantly delivers diagnostic film, stunning color prints, and cost-saving white films. This all-in-one imager is an enormous breakthrough in performance, cost and quality for healthcare facilities. Horizon's unprecedented variety in printing options creates a new freedom of choice and allows users to match the output with the need, resulting in solutions capable of immediately reducing costs, minimizing waste and maximizing workflow. Horizon packs this all into one compact device, weighing less than 70 pounds and taking up less than two feet of desk space, eliminating costly sitting requirements. "nCodonics delivers a lot more than state-of-the-art medical imagers. Our focus is providing a greater value to your radiology department. Codonics was the first to introduce an exclusive medical-intended film alternative, DirectVista Paper. Printed the same way as our diagnostic film with no toners, wax or ribbons to ever replace, white film can be room light viewed and is preferred by referring physicians. "nCodonics implements design and test methodologies used in the aerospace industry to deliver the most reliable products in the world with the industry's lowest service and maintenance costs. The small size and light weight of Codonics imagers allow for further ground breaking innovation in the area of medical imager service. Codonics provides a replacement unit if any problem cannot be solved by our 24/7 technical support team. This revolutionary Sunrise Express Warranty (or 'swap' service) provides greater uptime and a lower total cost than traditional on-site service plans."nMedical disc publisher: Virtua "nThe Codonics Virtua XR Medical Disc Publisher is the world's fastest medical disc recording system. With unprecedented speed, it records over 60 CDs or 30 DVDs an hour. Virtua XR is specifically designed for today's high-volume imaging applications such as breast MR, PET/CT, MRI and CTA. It is the only CD/DVD recorder that keeps up with today's multi-modality environments where imaging systems can send tens of thousands of images an hour. Setting the standard for medical disc recording systems, customized discs are recorded and ready to leave with the patient without any interruption in workflow. "nAll Virtua models feature a compact design that includes an advanced processor for receiving and managing studies, a robotic disc recorder and printer, and a world-class touch screen interface. The built-in printer produces brilliant, full-color disc labels that can be easily created by the customer or through Codonics exclusive label design service. Not only is Virtua the fastest, most compact, and user-friendly system on the market, it also happens to be the most affordable. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it. "nCodonics goal is to provide the medical industry with faster, more versatile and economical imaging solutions than ever before, keeping pace with the demands of tomorrow. Our unique perspective on imaging has been brought to life through our innovative product line - "We bring the future into focus."
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