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Multilevel Access Control in a MANET for a Defense Messaging system using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Author(s): J.Nafeesa Begum, K.Kumar, Dr.V.Sumathy

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Security
ISSN 1985-1553

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 208;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: J.Nafeesa Begum | K.Kumar | Dr.V.Sumathy

The trend of the Civilian society has moved from the industrial age focus onautomation and scale towards information based on computing andcommunication. Today’s Warfare is also moving towards an information ageparadigm based on information sharing, situational awareness, and distributedpoints of intelligence, command and control. A widely-networked fighting force isbetter able to share information about tactical situations that may begeographically widespread, asymmetric, and rapidly changing. Commandersmust be able to better assess situations across broad theaters, with extensivedata, voice, and especially video feeds as strategic inputs. Thus, network-centricwarfare improves effectiveness at both the tactical "point of the spear" and in theachievement of broader strategic goals. Broadly disseminated knowledge assetsenable fighting forces that must self-synchronize, even as they physicallydisperse to address dynamic battlefield conditions. The speed of decision hasincreased and command decisions must be rapidly relayed and implemented, toimprove battlefield outcomes. Multilevel access control in a MANET for aDefense messaging system is used to have the command decisions relayed toall people who are active in the group and also to all people who have beenidentified as higher in the hierarchy instead of sending one to one messages toeach individual.. The system developed is secure, multi site and allows for globalcommunication using the inherent properties of Elliptic Curve cryptography .Elliptic Curve cryptography provides a greater security with less bit size and it isfast when compared to other schemes. The implementation suggests that it is asecure system which occupies fewer bits and can be used for low power devices.

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