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Multiphase Scalable Grid Scheduler Based on Multi-QoS Using Min-Min Heuristic

Author(s): Nawfal A. Mehdi | Ali Mamat | Hamidah Ibrahim | Shamala A/P K

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications
ISSN 2156-5570

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Multi-phase | QoS | Grid Scheduling

Abstract—In scheduling, the main factor that affects searchingspeed and mapping performance is the number of resources orthe size of search space. In grid computing, the schedulerperformance plays an essential role in the overall performance.So, it is obvious the need for scalable scheduler that can managethe growing in resources (i.e. scalable). With the assumption thateach resource has its own specifications and each job has its ownrequirements; then searching the whole search space (all theresources) can waste plenty of scheduling time. In this paper, wepropose a two-phase scheduler that uses min-min algorithm tospeed up the mapping time with almost the same efficiency. Thescheduler is also based on the assumption that the resources ingrid computing can be classified into clusters. The scheduler triesfirst to schedule the jobs to the suitable cluster (i.e. first phase)and then each cluster schedule the incoming jobs to the suitableresources (i.e. second phase). The scheduler is based onmultidimensional QoS to enhance the mapping as much as it can.The simulation results show that the use of two-phase strategycan support the scalable scheduler.
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