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MYO Öğrencilerinin İnternet Kullanım Amaçlarının İncelenmesine İlişkin Bir Araştırma

Author(s): Şenol OKAY | Enver AYDOĞAN

Journal: Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi
ISSN 1302-1796

Issue: 23;
Start page: 284;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Internet | Purpose of Internet Usage | Vocational High School Students

Critical thinking and creativity are becoming the standards of the 21st century people. Despite the use of the products ofscience and technology and the facilities for consumers, the fact that individuals should think and generate ideas while using thetechno-scientific outputs is a necessity not only in terms of socio-economy but also in terms of settling social problems. Allmembers of a developing society must be closely connected with production process as well as consumption process. (Akpınar,1999:148). Today, reaching, valuing, organizing, using and sharing information have been of capital importance. Considering all ofthose, it can be stated that using all kinds of equipments which will enable individuals to reach, use and spread information will bea must. It can be also suggested that information technologies are compulsive powers for culture and economy (Karahan ve İzci,2001). In our day, information is a byword for “power”. The power of the information rises to the surface especially in times ofchaos and change. The role of information technologies in effectively forming, transmitting, developing and sharing process ofinformation is indisputable. Thus, this manifests the indispensable and critical importance of information technologies for allcountries. (Halawi vd., 2006). High quality national education, advanced scientific fields and activities, producing and transforminghigh technology are needed to be able to accommodate information age. (Kutlu, 2000; Meder, 2001). Arranging learningenvironments according to the conditions and expectations by reconsidering the needs of students and society is essential. It isneeded to provide all facilities which will enable students to reach, use, produce and improve information to prepare suchenvironment. (Akkoyunlu, 2002). Members of a profession need to improve themselves continuously and accommodate changesand developments for the continuity of success in professional life. Reaching information sources is important in this process.Internet has become the most important way of reaching those sources most effectively. (Özen vd., 2004). Required knowledgeand experience which students need to have, who receive education at VHS (Vocational High Schools) which satisfy intermediatemember need by training technicians for industry, are becoming very important for their professional life. This background alsoaffects the industry directly. Understanding how and for which purposes students use internet, which enable them to followprofessional and general developments, is a finding which can be considered in education.In this research; determining how and in which extent VHS students use internet in terms of individual and educationalperspectives is intended. Following sub problems are tried to be answered in line with the said general goal:• How often do the students use the internet?• For which purposes do the students use the internet?• Do the internet using purposes vary according to 1st and 4th year difference?• Do the internet using purposes vary according to the gender?This study has been made based on scanning model. Study group of the research consists of total 687 1st and 2nd year studentswho answered measuring instrument and study at Pamukkale University Denizli VHS, Gazi University Atatürk VHS, AkdenizUniversity Akseki VHS, Selçuk University Technical Sciences VHS (TSVHS), Süleyman Demirel University TSVHS and KırklareliUniversity Lüleburgaz VHS, in 2009-2010 semesters. Survey is utilized as data collecting instrument in the research. The survey used in Özdemir and Usta’s study (2007) is benefited to form survey items. The Cronbach Alfa reliability co-efficient of thesurvey is calculated 0.86. Thus, it can be stated that the survey has a rather high reliability. The data which was collected viasurveys was entered into the computer and analyzed at SPSS 11.0 for Windows environment. The conclusions and suggestionswere drawn and made, respectively, after having assessed the tables which were formed in consequence of the analyses. Theinterval width of Likert scale was calculated through “sequence width /intended group number” formula.It is observed that VHS students use internet mostly sending e-mails and on-line chatting for communication purposes. 1styear students use e-mails more than 2nd year students. Receiving/sending e-mail and on-line chatting rates among the classes aresimilar. Mainstream education students use internet for on-line chatting more than evening education students. On the otherhand, evening education students receive/send e-mail more than mainstream education students. Gender factor makes ameaningful difference in communication-purpose internet using. Males use internet more for communication-purpose comparedto females.In terms of educational purpose, it can be stated that students use the internet mostly to do research related to lesson andhomework. It is observed that the participation rates in e-mail groups and forums are low. In terms of educational purpose, it canbe suggested that 1st year students participate e-mail groups and forums more than senior class students. In terms of educationalpurpose, mainstream students use internet for student affairs more than evening students. However, evening students use internetfor receiving course more than mainstream students. Females use internet for the procedures related to student affairs more thanmales. On the other side, males use e-mail groups and forums more than females.In terms of information research purpose, it can be stated that students use the internet mostly for listening/downloadingmusic, watching tv/video and reading electronic newspapers/magazines. It is observed that general information research purposeinternet use rate among VHS students is lower compared to the results of the former research. 56% of all students have never hada bet (İddia etc.) online. Nonetheless, 11.9% of students express that they have a bet online “always and often”. It can besuggested that generally, VHS students utilize internet for fun. In terms of general information research purpose internet use,mainstream students use internet for information research and downloading software more than evening students. However,evening students use internet for playing online games and joining competitions more than mainstream students. it can beindicated that gender factor is a significant variable, in terms of information research purpose internet use. The significantdifference is in favor of males. Males use internet for researching information more than females.Approximately half of the respondent students do not use the internet for commercial purposes. Considering economicconditions of the students, it can be suggested that they do not need such use. However, as for utilizing many Cv collectinginternet sites on which job applications are made, consciousness-raising activities can be done. 1st year students do online bankingtransactions and use internet commercially more than 2nd year students. It is observed that programme variable does not comprisean important difference in commercial internet use. Gender variable makes a important difference in commercial transactionpurpose internet use. Difference is in favor of males. It can be stated that males use internet for commercial transactions morethan females.
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