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Natural convection unsteady magnetohydrodynamic mass transfer flow past an infinite vertical porous plate in presence of suction and heat sink

Author(s): S. S. Das, S. Parija, R. K. Padhy, M. Sahu

Journal: International Journal of Energy and Environment
ISSN 2076-2895

Volume: 3;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 209;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Natural convection; Magnetohydrodynamic; Mass transfer; Suction; Heat sink

This paper investigates the natural convection unsteady magnetohydrodynamic mass transfer flow of a viscous incompressible electrically conducting fluid past an infinite vertical porous flat plate in presence of constant suction and heat sink. Using multi parameter perturbation technique, the governing equations of the flow field are solved and approximate solutions are obtained. The effects of the flow parameters on the velocity, temperature, concentration distribution and also on the skin friction and rate of heat transfer are discussed with the help of figures and table. It is observed that a growing magnetic parameter or Schmidt number or heat sink parameter leads to retard the transient velocity of the flow field at all points, while the Grashof numbers for heat and mass transfer show the reverse effect. It is further found that a growing Prandtl number or heat sink parameter decreases the transient temperature of the flow field at all points while the heat source parameter reverses the effect. The concentration distribution of the flow field suffers a decrease in boundary layer thickness in presence of heavier diffusive species (growing Sc) at all points of the flow field. The effect of increasing Prandtl number Pr is to decrease the magnitude of skin-friction and to increase the rate of heat transfer at the wall for MHD flow, while the effect of increasing magnetic parameter M is to decrease their values at all points.
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