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Author(s): Byadgi P.S

Journal: International Research Journal of Pharmacy
ISSN 2230-8407

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 46;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Antileishmanial activity | kala-azar | visamajwara | Ayurveda

Ayurveda described certain diseases which mimics Indian Kala-azar namely Visamajwara (Satatajwara), Krimi (Raktaja) and Plihodara/Pliha roga are seems to be suitable correlation depending on their etiology, symptomatology, prognosis and treatment. Raktaja Krimi is also responsible for the manifestation Raktaja vyadhi, out of which Pliha roga is one. Plihodara is a syndrome characterized by splenomegally, debility, anorexia, indigestion, retention of stool and urine, thirst, bodyache, lassitude, cough, mild fever, emaciation, pain in belly, reddish or abnormal tinge or appearance of blue, green or yellow streaks on abdomen, severe anaemia etc.Visceral leishmaniasis patient presents at a late stage, with persistent but fluctuating low-grade fever, weight loss giving the appearance of severe starvation, spleno-or hepatosplenomegally. The skin is some times said to be muddy, pale or dark. Non-specific laboratory tests will show marked leucopenia (Pancytopenia, mainly neutropenia), anemia, and raised serum proteins, with reversal of albumin/globulin ratio. Morphology of subtypes of raktaja Krimi namely Jantumataraha mimics the leishmania donovani. Other than fever no other points supports the concept of Krimi with leishmaniasis. Besides this raktaja Krimi also manifests the diseases of blood, in which Pliha roga / Plihodara is one. Most of the clinical features mentioned for Plihodara / Pliha roga are similar with Indian Kala-azar. Besides this epidemiological incidence, etiology, pathogenesis and treatment support strongly to correlate the concept of Kala-azar vis-à-vis Plihodara / Pliha roga. So it may be summarized that Krimighna drugs as well as plihaghna and plihodara management principles are useful in the management of kala-azar. This article gives glimpses of natural products and their antileishmanial activity. It also provides the clue to select drugs from Ayurveda to develop antileishmanial drug. This article also provides the information pertaining to kala-azar research by using natural products. Many natural products exhibited antileishmanial activity in experimental models was collected.
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