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neçe> niçe> n÷çe “how many?” and neçe> nice> n÷ce “how?” PROGRESS IN TURKISH / TÜRKÇEDE neçe> niçe> n÷çe “ne kadar?” ve neçe> nice> nece “nasıl?” GELISMESI

Author(s): Dr. Mahmut SARIKAYA

Journal: Journal of Turkish Studies
ISSN 1308-2140

Volume: 3;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 548;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: neçe | nece | nice | Marzubān-nāme | Kitābu Evsāf-ı Mesācidi’s - Serῑfe.

The word “nice”, which generally defines ambiguityand has just one form in Turkish language of Turkey,was formed during Early Turkish period with fusion ofthe “ne” question word and +çA equality affix. InAzerbaijani Turkish, two seperate word derived from thisword are being used: n÷çe (how many, how much, howlong, too many, how so much) and “n÷ce” (how, why,which etc.”The fact that the Turkey Turkish’s nice word hastwo seperate forms as n÷çe and n÷ce in AzerbaijaniTurkish precluded to determine the forms and meaningsof this word in the historicsal processes. This fault ofmeaning determination stems from confusion of “how”and how many” meanings to the n÷çe which is the oldform of the word. This fault of determination is alsorelated to the lack of determination from texts of soundevents such as e> i closing and ç> c intonation.In this word, of which the first syllable assumed tobe closed during the Kipchak Turkish period, had ç> cvariance during the Old Anatolian Turkish period. Whilethe näçä> niçe (how many? How much?) usages are goingon since beginning, nice form with the letter “c” had beenused with those meanings: “how, in which condition,which”.In this work, çalısmayla neçe> niçe> n÷çe (howmany?) and neçe> nice> n÷ce (how?) processes areexamined.

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