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Author(s): A.I. Navazo Eguía | F. García Vicario | E.Suárez Muñiz | M.C. Gutiérrez Ortega

Journal: Revista de la Sociedad Otorrinolaringológica de Castilla y León, Cantabria y La Rioja
ISSN 2171-9381

Volume: 1;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 219;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Necrotizing sialometaplasia. Oral ulcer.

Introduction: Necrotizing sialometaplasia (NSM) is a benign lesion affecting the salivary glands mainly in the hard palate. It presents as an ulcer with irregular borders, slightly elevated and necrotic The differential diagnosis should include malignant neoplasms. Case Report: A 26-year-old woman sought medical advice for a painful 2 cm ulceration of the hard palate. She is carrying pierced tongue. The patient had a history of cigarette smoking, chronic anxiety disorder and bulimia,. Analytical normal (including HIV and syphilis serology). Histopathology: accessory gland with squamous metaplasia, pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia and conservation lobulararchitecture. She had an important improvement with total resolution of the lesion in 4 months Discussion: The NSM is a necrotizing inflammatory process. It presents as an ulcer located in the posterior hard palate or the junction between the hard and soft palate. This situation has been associated with local ischemia as surgical trauma, thromboangiitis obliterans, dentures, alcohol, snuff, cocaine, and certain malignancies such as lymphomas, rhabdomyosarcoma or Warthin tumor. Currently associated withbulimia, it being necessary suspected in young women. It is important to rule out neoplasms and infectious processes (tuberculosis or syphilis). Also consider subacute necrotizing sialadenitis, nonspecific acute inflammatory process of unknown cause, with focal necrosis without hyperplasia or ductal metaplasia pseudoepitheliomatous. Treatment is symptomatic and usually resolves in 2-3 months. Conclusion: The NSM is a benign lesion which may mimic neoplasia. The trend is toward resolution. It must be recognized to avoid unnecessary surgery.
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