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Nephroprotective Effect of <i>Nigella Sativa</i> and <i>Matricaria Chamomilla</i> in Cisplatin Induced Renal Injury—Supportive Treatments in Cisplatin Nephrotoxicity

Author(s): Ragaa H. M Salama | Nahed A Abd-El-Hameed | Sary KH Abd-El-Ghaffar | Zaghloul T. Mohammed | Nagwa M. A Ghandour

Journal: International Journal of Clinical Medicine
ISSN 2158-284X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 185;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Cisplatin | Nephrotoxicity | Nephroprotection | Matricaria Chamomilla | Nigella Sativa | Vitamin E

Nigella sativa and Matricaria chamomilla are extensively consumed as tea or tonic. Despite their widespread use as a home remedy, relatively few trials evaluated their benefits in nephroprotection. Hence, this study evaluates the nephroprotective effects of supportive treatments (N. sativa, M. chamomilla and vitamin E) in cisplatin nephrotoxicity rat model. Eighty rats divided into 10 groups, of 8 animals each. The first group (G1) injected with saline intra-pretoneal (i.p). G2 injected with 5 mg/kg cisplatin i.p on zero day of experiment and repeated 4 times, with 5 days free interval. G3-G10 received daily supportive treatments, started 5 days before the experiment (–5day). Concomitantly G4, G6, G8 and G10 injected with 5 mg/kg cisplatin i.p like G2. On day sixteen, animal scarified, serum and/or kidney tissue were used to determine kidney function tests (serum urea, creatinine, NAG, β-gal), oxidative stress indices (NO, LPO), antioxidant activities (SOD), sulphur compounds (GGT, GSH, total thiols ), apoptotic indices (cathepsin D, DNA fragmentation), two minerals (Ca2+ and zn2+). Cisplatin caused marked elevation in serum GGT that reduced signifi-cantly in group received M. chamomilla with cisplatin (P < 0.001). There is a correlation between GGT and NAG in cisplatin group (r = 0.731 p < 0.05) that may suggest one of possible mechanisms of renal injury by cisplatin. M. chamomilla followed by N. sativa and vitamin E improved the biochemical and pathological renal injury, as determined by increasing the body weight, normalizing the kidney functions, decreasing the oxidative stress markers, improving the apoptotic markers, minimizing the pathological changes. Hence, N. sativa and M. chamomilla will be a promising nephroprotective agents for reducing cisplatin nephrotoxicity, most probably, by antioxidants effects and inhibition GGT production, respectively.
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