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New Agile Testing Modes

Author(s): N. Ganesh | S. Thangasamy

Journal: Information Technology Journal
ISSN 1812-5638

Volume: 11;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 707;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: testing modes | testing techniques | extreme programming | Test driven development | quality assurance | test strategy

Software is considered to have high quality, only if it has undergone a series of good test cases. Test-driven development is a software Development practice that leads to better quality and fewer defects in code. The purpose of study of this paper is to evaluate the difference between a traditional testing and agile testing, the testing techniques involved in agile projects, the different modes of testing, the dos and donts of testing and also about the set of activities an agile tester needs to keep in mind while working on agile projects. A study has been conducted in a software firm in Chennai, India. Two different testing modes have been proposed. Based on the testing modes that is projected in this article, the dos and donts of a software tester and their activities has been formulated. A simple yes/no type questionnaire is included in this article which is given to the testers before testing. Answering the simple yes/no questions makes a tester to be an efficient tester in his job. By following the dos and donts guidelines and the activities of a tester given in this article, it is found that the efficiency of an employee involved in agile testing has been improved considerably. It is concluded that testing plays a vital role for any project. Testing would be more efficient if a parallel testing could be done in par with the development team. Better quality could be achieved if the project team follows a continuous integration with a continuous delivery and a continuous feedback from the customer.

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