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A New Algorithm for Automatic Double Bright Fringe of Multiple-Beam Fizeau Fringe Skeletonization Using Fourier Transform Method of Fringe Pattern Analysis

Author(s): Mohamed A. EL-Morsy

Journal: Journal of Signal and Information Processing
ISSN 2159-4465

Volume: 03;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 412;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Automatic Fringe Analysis | Multiple-Beam Fizeau Fringe | Fourier Transform

The interferogram of multiple-beam Fizeau fringe technique plays an important role to investigate the optical properties of fiber because this interferogram provides us with useful information which can used to determine the dispersion curve of the fiber sample. A common problem in any interferogram analysis is the accuracy in locating fringe centers (fringe skeleton). There are a lot of computer-aided algorithms, which depend on the interferogram types, used to fringe skeleton extraction of various digital interferogram. In this paper, as far as I know, a novel algorithm for fringe skeleton extraction of double bright fringe of multiple-beam Fizeau fringe is presented. The proposed algorithm based on using the different order of Fourier transform and the derivative-sign binary image. Also the proposed algorithm has been successfully tested by using a computer simulation fringe and an experimental pattern. The results are compared with the original interferogram and shown a good agreement.
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