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New microhylid Frogs from the Muller Range, Papua New Guinea

Author(s): Fred Kraus | Allen Allison

Journal: ZooKeys
ISSN 1313-2989

Volume: 26;
Start page: 53;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Albericus | cave | Cophixalus | Oreophryne | Southern Highlands

We describe from the Muller Range of New Guinea three new species of microhylid frogs, one each in the genera Albericus, Cophixalus, and Oreophryne. The new Albericus is unique in its combination ofan infrequent peeping call, oblique lores, wide snout and finger discs, and distinct tympanum. The new Cophixalus is distinguished by its combination of finger discs larger than toe discs, third toe longer than fifth, distinct tympanum, curved scapular ridges, dark postocular stripe, dark W-shaped mark above the shoulders, anda call consisting of a rapid series of 6–9 musical peeps. The Oreophryne is unique in its combination ofa cartilaginous connection of the procoracoid to the scapula, no webbing between the toes, fifth toe longer than third, short snout, dark face, and call consisting of an extended multi-note chuckle or cackle. Each species was either common or abundant. The new Cophixalus shows a predilection for caves, although it is not restricted to them. Many frogs occurring in the central highlands of New Guinea are wide-ranging across much of this high-elevational region, but others are of restricted distribution. The species described herein are likely members of the latter group, although it remains to be determined whether each will prove endemic to the Muller Range.

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