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New observations on frustule morphology of Eupodiscus radiatus Bailey and Fryxelliella floridana Prasad

Author(s): Fernandes L. F.

Journal: Brazilian Journal of Biology
ISSN 1519-6984

Volume: 63;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 411;
Date: 2003;
Original page

Keywords: Eupodiscus | Fryxelliella | taxonomy | diatom | Bacillariophyta | Southern Brazil

A study of the diatoms Eupodiscus radiatus Bailey and Fryxelliella floridana Prasad, mainly focussing on the mantle and cingulum, provided new morphological information. In E. radiatus dendritic structures and two types of a palisade-like structure fixed to silica rings were found on the lower valve mantle. Cingulum presented 1-3 bands with areolae arranged in decussate rows. Furthermore, the pars interior of the valvocopula is fimbriate; and the external openings of the rimoportulae are located along the rim of the scalloped extension. The valvocopula of F. floridana is open and its copula is ligulate. Both bands possess poroid areolae similar in size to the cribral pores on the valve face. The genus Eupodiscus is compared to Fryxelliella, based on material sampled in estuaries of Southern Brazil.
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