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New Technology Going Up from the GPS Measurements, Known W0 and Its Possible Utilization in Praxis

Author(s): Viliam Vatrt | Lubomil Pospíšil | Jean-Pierre Loule

Journal: Positioning
ISSN 2150-850X

Volume: 04;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 200;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: VTT Technology | Gravity Method | Density Deviation | Western Carpathians | Central African Rifts

New height precise Earth Geopotential Model EGM08 made it possible to develop the value of the geoidal geopotential W0. This value is independent on Earth’s tides and others disturbances, therefore it can be used as basic quantity for many applications. Value W0 represents mean sea surface. W0 was developed from data of satellite altimetry which monitores actual ocean’s surface. This value is one of the four fundamental geodetic constants. This value has been accepted worldwide and is included to the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service Conventions (IERS Conventions) 2003, 2007. This value defines in principle parameters of level ellipsoid  which best fit to the surface defined by W0. The body of this level ellipsoid produces normal gravity. We developed other important parameters for determination of the density deviations (VTT technology), i.e. values of normal gravity ge at the equator and gp at the pole on the elipsoid E0 and the value of parameter β. All parameters above used for development of VTT technology are supplied by GPS/leveling data that enable to create so-called density deviation maps at any place in the World. In comparison with gravity anomalies, the density deviations represent more precise density anomalous places in the Earth’s crust. A construction of density deviation map is applied at two from geologically different regions—the Western Carpathians and the Central African Rifts.
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