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New temporal, and genetic determinations of some late Quaternary sediments in the Bovec Basin and its surroundings (NW Slovenia)

Author(s): Miloš Bavec

Journal: Geologija
ISSN 0016-7789

Volume: 45;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 291;
Date: 2002;
Original page

Keywords: Quaternary | absolute dating | diamict | Bovec | Slovenia

Late Quaternary sediments of the Bovec Basin have been analyzed using a combination of geological mapping, sedimentary analyses and sediment dating (radiocarbon, U/Th series and Infrared Stimulated Luminescence – IRSL). Within the Basin two Late Quaternarysedimentary assemblages were recognized, which consist of the same facies associations of diamictons, laminated lacustrine deposits and sorted fluvial sediments. Sediments were deposited during the Late-Quaternary predominantly in paraglacial environment.Dating of selected samples indicate that both assemblages were deposited during transitions from full-glacial to interglacial conditions (i.e. Marine isotope stage (MIS) 6- 5 and MIS 2-1, respectively).
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