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A nomenclator of Pacific oceanic island Phyllanthus (Phyllanthaceae), including Glochidion

Author(s): Warren Wagner | David Lorence

Journal: PhytoKeys
ISSN 1314-2011

Volume: 4;
Start page: 67;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Caroline Islands | Fiji | Glochidion | Marquesas Islands | Micronesia | Pacific | Phyllanthaceae | Phyllanthus

Recent molecular phylogenetic studies and reevaluation of morphological characters have led to the inclusion of Glochidion within a broader delimitation of Phyllanthus. It is necessary for preparation of the Vascular Flora of the Marquesas Islands to make new combinations for the Marquesan species. We also provide the relevant combinations and listing of all of the currently accepted species of Phyllanthus on Pacific oceanic islands for a total of 69 native species in oceanic Pacific islands. Glochidion tooviianum J. Florence is here placed into synonymy of P. marchionicus (F. Br.) W. L. Wagner & Lorence based on new assessment of recently collected specimens from Nuku Hiva. Glochidion excorticans Fosberg var. calvum Fosberg is placed into synonomy of P. ponapense (Hosokawa) W. L. Wagner & Lorence and Glochidion puberulum Hosokawa and Glochidion excorticans Fosberg are placed in synonymy of P. senyavinianus (Glassman) W. L. Wagner & Lorence based on new study of all Micronesian specimens available to us. No infraspecific taxa are recognized within P. pacificus of the Marquesas Islands. Species already with valid names in Phyllanthus are also listed for completeness and convenience. Brief distributional comments are given for each species. We propose new names for species for which a new combination is not possible: P. florencei W. L. Wagner & Lorence, nom. nov., P. mariannensis W.L. Wagner & Lorence, nom. nov., P. otobedii W. L. Wagner & Lorence, P. raiateaensis W. L. Wagner & Lorence, P. st-johnii W. L. Wagner & Lorence, nom. nov., and P. vitilevuensis W.L. Wagner & Lorence, nom. nov. We provide information for four additional naturalized species within the region (P. amarus, P. debilis, tenellus, and P. urinaria). The name Glochidion ramiflorum widely applied to Pacific island populations is here considered to be a species further west in the Pacific with all of the oceanic species here referred to several regional species.

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