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Non-invasive Assessment of Blood Glucose by Photo Plethysmography

Author(s): Jindal G | Ananthakrishnan T | Jain Rajesh | Sinha Vineet | Kini A | Deshpande Alaka

Journal: IETE Journal of Research
ISSN 0377-2063

Volume: 54;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 217;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Photo plethysmography | Blood glucose | Diabetes | Non-invasive assessment.

An instrument has been developed at Electronics Division, BARC for the non-invasive assessment of Blood Glucose, using the principle of Photo Plethysmography. In this instrument an infrared light of wavelength around 1300 nm is made incident on the index finger of the subject and the transmitted light is received by a photo-diode and detected by electronic circuit. It has been observed that the output of photo-detector is related to the blood glucose content of the subject. This output is processed further to display the blood glucose content on the LCD panel. The development of this instrument and the results obtained are described in this paper.
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