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Novedades para la Flora del Estado Mérida, 1. Nuevos Registros de Bromeliaceae

Author(s): Hornung, C. | Gaviria, J.

Journal: Plantula
ISSN 1316-1547

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1-2;
Start page: 87;
Date: 1999;
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Keywords: Andes | Bromeliaceae | Tillandsia | Mezobromelia | Vriesea | Guzmania | Racinaea | Puya | Greigia | Billbergia | Aechmea | Flora | Andes | Mérida | Venezuela.

The findings of a research conducted in the Bromeliaceae of the state of Mérida, during the years 1997.1998 are dealt with here. A new record for the Bromeliaceae flora of Venezuela was confirmed (Puya bicolor), four genera were recorded for the first time for the flora of the state of Mérida (Billbergia, Greigia, Mezobromelia and Racinaea), as well as 14 species of this family that hadn.t been recorded in previous publications. A large proportion of the state.s new registers are represented by species of the Tillandsoideae subfamily (Tillandsia myriantha, T. utriculata, T. variabilis, Vriesea cowelii, V. heterandra, V. robusta, Guzmania monostachia and Mezobromelia capituligera). Three species were recorded for the genus Puya (P. bicolor, P. trianae, P. venezuelana) and three species were added to the Bromelioideae of the state.s flora (Billbergia macrolepis, Aechmea spectabilis and Greigia alborosea). The additions to the flora are mentioned and describied in this paper with the purpose of making the general characteristics of such species known. We also mention the species recorded for the state that were previously included in the genus Tillandsia, which have been transferred to the the genus Racinae
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