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Novel CCII-based Field Programmable Analog Array and its Application to a Sixth-order Butterworth LPF

Author(s): Soliman A. Mahmoud | Eman A. Soliman

Journal: Advances in Microelectronic Engineering
ISSN 2327-7300

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Current Division Network | Digitally Programmable Current Conveyor | Field Programmable Analog Array | Tunable WLAN/ WiMAX Receivers

In this paper, a field programmable analog array (FPAA) is proposed. The proposed FPAA consists of seven configurable analog blocks (CABs) arranged in a hexagonal lattice such that the CABs are directly connected to each other. This structure improves the overall frequency response of the chip by decreasing the parasitic capacitances in the signal path. The CABs of the FPAA are based on a novel fully differential digitally programmable current conveyor (DPCCII). The programmability of the DPCCII is achieved using digitally controlled three-bit MOS ladder current division network. No extra biasing circuit is required to generate specific analog control voltage signals. The DPCCII has constant standby power consumption, offset voltage, bandwidth and harmonic distortions over all its programming range. A sixth-order Butterworth tunable LPF suitable for WLAN/WiMAX receivers is realized on the proposed FPAA. The filter power consumption is 5.4mW from 1V supply; and its cutoff frequency is tuned from 5.2 MHz to 16.9 MHz. All the circuits are realized using 90nm CMOS technology from TSMC. All simulations are carried out using Cadence.
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