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A Novel Chinese Domain Ontology Construction Method for Petroleum Exploration Information

Author(s): Jike Ge | Zushu Li | Taifu Li

Journal: Journal of Computers
ISSN 1796-203X

Volume: 7;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 1445;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: ontology construction | context | petroleum exploration | concept clustering

Ontology is playing an important role in knowledge management and sharing, both users and system can communicate with each other using a common understanding knowledge of a domain. This study proposes a context-based ontology construction method for extracting petroleum exploration domain information from unstructured Chinese text documents. The proposed mechanism of domain ontology construction includes four steps. First, domain documents preprocessing aims to separates the text into sentences, including a Chinese Part-of-Speech (POS) Tag and a Chinese corpus extract from the HowNet. Next, the concept clustering based on the fuzzy c-means aims to cluster concepts and instances from documents. In third step, context extraction aims to obtain the contexts. Finally, domain ontology construction aims to generate a petroleum exploration Chinese domain ontology. Experimental results show that the proposed approach can effectively construct Chinese domain ontology from unstructured text documents. This study implements a context-based ontology construction mechanism that can automatically mine domain concepts out of domain document, thereby reducing cost and burden that would be incurred in a manual construction process.
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