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A Novel Model for Timed Event Extraction and Temporal Reasoning In Legal Text Documents

Author(s): Kolikipogu Ramakrishna | Vanitha Guda | B.Padmaja Rani | Vinaya Ch

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey
ISSN 0976-3252

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Event | Time | Temporal reasoning | legal documents | temporal tagger | temporal Constraint network

Information Retrieval is in a nascent stage to provide any type of information queried by naïve user.Question Answering System is one such successful area of Information retrieval. Legal Documents (caselaw, statute or transactional document) are increasing day by day with the new applications (Mobiletransactions, Medical Diagnosis reports, law cases etc.) in the world. Documentation of various Businessand Human Resource (HR) applications involve Legal documents. Analysis and temporal reasoning ofsuch documents is a demanding area of research. In this paper we build a novel model for timed eventextraction and temporal reasoning in legal text documents. This paper mainly works on “how one can dofurther reasoning with the extracted temporal information”. Exploring temporal information in legal textdocuments is an important task to support legal practitioner lawyer, in order to determine temporalbased context decisions. Legal documents are available in different natural languages; hence it uses NLPSystem for pre-processing steps, Temporal constraint structure for temporal expressions, associatedtagger, Post-Processor with a knowledge-based sub system helps in discovering implicit information. Theresultant information resolves temporal expressions and deals with issues such as granularity, vagueness,and a reasoning mechanism which models the temporal constraint satisfaction network.

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