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Novel Robot Manipulator Adaptive Artificial Control: Design a Novel SISO Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Algorithm Inverse Dynamic Like Method

Author(s): Farzin Piltan, N. Sulaiman, Hajar Nasiri, Sadeq Allahdadi, Mohammad A. Bairami

Journal: International Journal of Engineering
ISSN 1985-2312

Volume: 5;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 399;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Inverse Dynamic Control | Sliding Mode Algorithm | Fuzzy Estimator Sliding Mode Control | Adaptive Method | Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Inverse Dynamic like Method | Fuzzy Inference System | Robot Manipulator

Refer to the research, design a novel SISO adaptive fuzzy sliding algorithm inverse dynamic like method(NAIDLC) and application to robot manipulator has proposed in order to design high performance nonlinearcontroller in the presence of uncertainties. Regarding to the positive points in inverse dynamic controller,fuzzy logic controller and self tuning fuzzy sliding method, the output has improved. The main objective inthis research is analyses and design of the adaptive robust controller based on artificial intelligence andnonlinear control. Robot manipulator is nonlinear, time variant and a number of parameters are uncertain,so design the best controller for this plant is the main target. Although inverse dynamic controller haveacceptable performance with known dynamic parameters but regarding to uncertainty, this controller'soutput has fairly fluctuations. In order to solve this problem this research is focoused on two methodologythe first one is design a fuzzy inference system as a estimate nonlinear part of main controller but thismethod caused to high computation load in fuzzy rule base and the second method is focused on designnovel adaptive method to reduce the computation in fuzzy algorithm.

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