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A Novel VideoTransmission Evaluation Framework based on TCP-Friendly Congestion Control Mechanism

Author(s): Xiao fu | Hu Ting | Yu JianPing | Sun Lijuan | Wang RuChuan

Journal: International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security
ISSN 2074-9090

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 19;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: TFRC | Quality evaluate | NS2 | Congestion control | Streaming video

TFRC protocol is suitable for video transmission in a wire network, and quality assessment is also essential in a video transmission system. In this paper, a real-time video transmission system based on TFRC protocol is proposed, and the evaluation model about the system is improved in the framework of Evalvid. It assesses the quality and efficiency of the video transmission according to the actual video file, and analyzes losses frame in different video types during transmission as well as the video quality in receiver. The results of simulation experiment in NS-2 show that when real-time video transmitted in wire network environment using this system, the receiver can get satisfactory video quality by reason of the TFRC protocol friendliness and the smoothness of sending rate. Based on the characteristic of high error rate in wireless network, the novel TCP friendly congestion control algorithm TFRC-JI proposed in our previous work [1] was adopted, which introduces the latency vibration to distinguish the link congestion from code error, thus different speed control mechanism is feedback to the transmitting end. Simulation experiment results indicated that compared with the traditional TFRC, the TFRC-JI suites well for real-time service transmission.

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