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Nutritional Potential of the Leaves and Seeds of Black Nightshade- Solanum nigrum L. Var virginicum from Afikpo-Nigeria

Author(s): I.E. Akubugwo | A.N. Obasi | S.C. Ginika

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
ISSN 1680-5194

Volume: 6;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 323;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Solanum nigrum | proximate and photochemical composition

The nutritional potential of the leaves and seeds of Solanum nigrum L. Var virginicum was assessed by determining proximate and phytochemical composition. Results indicate protein content of the leaves and seed as 24.90% and 17.63% respectively. Other findings are ash 10.18% and 8.05%, crude fibre, 6.81% and 6.29 and carbohydrate, 53.51 and 55.85% for the leaves and seed respectively. Mineral analysis revealed the order Mg>K>Ca>Fe>Na>Mn>Zn in the leaves and Mg>K>Fe>Ca>Na>Mn>Zn in the seeds. Phosphorus and sulphur levels were 75.22 and 8.55 mg/100g in the leaves and 62.50 and 14.48, g/100g in the seeds. Vitamin content indicate the order vit C>vit B,>Folic acid>Vit E>Vit A in both the leaves and seeds. Phytochemical analysis revealed high oxalate, phenol but low sterol content in the studied plant materials. Cyanide levels were higher in the leaves compared to the seeds. These results suggest that S. nigrum L. Var virginicum to be nutritive despite the presence of some anti-nutritive components like oxalate.
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