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Observational study of new treatment proposal for severe intrauterine adhesion

Author(s): Umme Salma, Dabao Xu*, Md Sayed Ali Sheikh

Journal: International Journal of Biosciences
ISSN 2220-6655

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 43;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Intrauterine adhesion (IUA) | bi-channel Foley’s catheter | hyaluronic acid (HA) gel | uterine shape of intrauterine device (IUD) | operative hysteroscopy.

To present the experience with intrauterine adhesiolysis under observational study of new treatment proposal for severe intrauterine adhesion to prevent the formation of adhesion and it is comparison with the review articles. Sixty patients for whom operative hysteroscopy were indicated referred to the hysteroscopic unit of University-affiliated Xiang ya 3rd hospital, Hunan, china. The adhesions were divided hysteroscopically by using scissors or electrode needle under direct vision. A second look hysteroscopy was performed after one month. Total five operative procedures were performed in 59 cases; one patient did not continue her treatment. One was mild adhesion, two were moderate adhesions and 56 were normal cavity after final treatment. The staging mean score of intrauterine adhesion was evaluated, patients showed a significant decrease in severity of adhesion at 1.69% (stage I mild adhesions), and 3.38% (stage II moderate adhesions).At one month follow-up hysteroscopic adhesiolysis significantly reduce the development of intrauterine adhesions postoperatively and its use is likely to be associated with a reduction of severe adhesions.

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