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Occupy Wall Street — revolt to reform

Author(s): John Sargis

Journal: International Journal of Inclusive Democracy
ISSN 1753-240X

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2/3;
Start page: 4;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Occupy Wall Street | New York

The revolts in Tunisia and Egypt and the destruction of Libya[1] by the transnational elite (through NATO and its “rebels” and various mercenaries under the auspices of the UN and the Arab League), labeled the “Arab Spring”, did NOT teach the world about democracy. In fact it taught the world that the transnational elite do not care a whit for democracy, self-determination or autonomy for any individual, group or state. The US has never supported genuine revolution in Tunisia or Egypt, but supported a handover of power that would replace the autocrats in each country with a puppet caretaker government. Although the US is dissatisfied with the Egyptian military for recently shutting down Egyptian civil society groups and three American (financed by the Democratic and Republican parties) NGOs, this action will neither jeopardize the over billion dollars of military hardware yearly the US transfers to the Egyptian military, nor endanger US control over the military. The bigger problem for the US is the Islamists (especially those in the “Left” of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists). This is why the US elite is courting with the mild Islamists of the Brotherhood who would now control Parliament and with whom the US elite would like to create a kind of ‘Turkish’ balance between the army and the Islamists. On the other hand, the American-funded NGOs in Egypt could play the role of checking this balance and encouraging a greater degree of integration of the country into neoliberal globalization and its ideology.[2] Barack Obama, through his press secretary, citing the recent deaths of protesters, recommends that the military junta set in motion “the full transfer of power to a civilian government…as soon as possible.”[3] Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are in the process of being fully integrated into the internationalized market economy and some form of representative “democracy”. However, along with a host of reliant and repressive Middle East sheikdoms favorable to the US, the monarchy of Bahrain which brutally put down a rebellion with US weapons and the Saudi Arabian military, and Saudi Arabia, the classic theocratic monarchy, are issued just friendly reminders from the transnational elite that they should implement mild reforms in the near future.Is it not surprising that war criminal Hillary Clinton, an early ardent behind the scene backer and fomenter (using State Department proxies to supply the “revolutionaries” training on using social networks to quickly spread “democracy”) of Arab Spring, has not spoken in support or favor of #Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) as being on the right side of history in its struggle for the re-distribution of economic power in the US? Will Hillary court #OWS and defend its right to free speech and peaceful assembly? Will Hillary greet #OWS as the victims of the vast financial inequality in the US where 11% of the population has accumulated more wealth than 89% of the population? Has Hillary “Tweeted” #OWS in her support for them to overthrow the elite?
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