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Ocena wybranych parametrów klinicznych i biochemicznych u kobiet chorych na raka jajnika w okresie 5-letniej obserwacji

Author(s): Wiesława Bednarek | Iwona Wertel | Barbara Marzec-Kotarska | Alicja Ćwiklińska | Jan Kotarski

Journal: Przegląd Menopauzalny
ISSN 1643-8876

Volume: 15;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 106;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: ovarian cancer | CA 125 | EGFR

Introduction: Ovarian cancer is a neoplasm characterised by considerable mortality. The aim of numerousstudies which have been conducted is to determine the impact of clinical and biochemical parameters onovarian cancer prognosis, survival and treatment. Serum CA 125 is mainly used to monitor treatment, detectrecurrence and predict response to chemotherapy. Increased epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) cancertissue expression facilitates cell proliferation, apoptosis inhibition and increase of angiogenesis. Material and methods: A group of 74 patients treated with surgery and chemotherapy due to ovarian cancerwere included in the study. The analysis of clinical parameters (age, tumour histology and grading, clinical stage according to FIGO, type of surgery) as well as CA 125 concentration and EGFR cancer tissue expression in relationto 5-year survival rates was performed. Results: 5-year survival rates were significantly related to: histological grading, clinical FIGO stage, theextent of primary surgery and cancer recurrence. The best predictors of increased survival rates in ovariancancer patients were: high histological grade, low clinical FIGO stage, optimal debulking and no recurrence.Statistical multivariate analysis did not demonstrate the influence of EGFR on 5-year survival rate in ovariancancer patients. However, the considerable and unequivocal impact of the last result of CA 125 concentration,the extent of surgical treatment, histological diagnosis and clinical FIGO stage, in relation to 5-year survival rate,was demonstrated. Conclusion: The results suggest a considerable and significant impact of CA 125 concentration, histologicaldiagnosis, clinical FIGO stage, and optimal debulking, on the 5-year survival rates of patients with ovarian cancer.
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