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On the Intermediary Function of Coping Styles: Between Self-Concept and Subjective Well Being of Adolescents of Han, Qiang and Yi Nationalities

Author(s): Lin Lin | Dingchu Wu | Tianmei Zhou

Journal: Advances in Molecular Imaging
ISSN 2161-6728

Volume: 03;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 136;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Adolescents | Self-Concept | Coping Style | Subjective Well Being

In order to know the influence of adolescents’ self-concept on the subjective well being and the function of coping styles in them, the author adopted the Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, Simplified Coping Style Scale and the Questionnaire on the Subjective Euphoria, and made a survey on six middle schools of Sichuan province and got back 867 valid answered questionnaires. The results show that 1) differences are obvious in self-concept, coping styles and subject well being among adolescents of Han, Qiang and Yi nationalities; 2) the positive self-concept exerts a notable positive influence on subjective well being, and the negative exerts a negative one; 3) the coping styles play an intermediary role in the influence of self-concept on the subjective well being. On the above basis, the author concludes that the self-concept exerts influence on the subjective well being directly as well as indirectly through the mediation of coping styles.
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