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Online Data Processing Methods in Xlet Applications for Seismic Early Warning and Emergency Services on Interactive Digital Television

Author(s): Mustafa Asim Kazancigil

Journal: International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences
ISSN 1913-3715

Volume: 06;
Issue: 05;
Start page: 221;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Xlet | Java TV | Interactive Digital Television | DVB | Data Processing | Seismic Early Warning

In this paper, I described the methods that I used for the creation of Xlets, which are Java applets that are developed for the IDTV environment; and the methods for online data retrieval and processing that I utilized in these Xlets. The themes that I chose for the Xlets of the IDTV applications are Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning; Recent Seismic Activity Report; and Emergency Services. The online data regarding the Recent Seismic Activity Report application are provided by the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI) of Bogazici University in Istanbul; while the online data for the Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning and the Emergency Services applications are provided by the Godoro website which I used for storing (and retrieving by the Xlets) the earthquake and tsunami early warning simulation data, and the DVB network subscriber data (such as name and address information) for utilizing in the Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance and Fire Department) application. I have focused on the methodologies to use digital television as an efficient medium to convey timely and useful information regarding seismic warning data to the public, which forms the main research topic of this paper.

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