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Optimized tracking for cooperative sensor systems in multipath environments

Author(s): D. Schwarz | R. H. Rasshofer | E. M. Biebl

Journal: Advances in Radio Science - Kleinheubacher Berichte
ISSN 1684-9965

Volume: 6;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2008;
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In a cooperative sensor system for pedestrian protection, a pedestrian and other road users exchange data by means of radio frequency communication. In the proposed system, the pedestrian carries a transponder which is interrogated by a vehicle and sends an anonymous identification (ID) sequence. By decoding the ID, the interrogation unit in the vehicle detects the presence of the transponder. Evaluating the incident wave of the transponder's answer, a localisation is possible. In the proposed localization system, the measurement results can be distorted by multipath propagation. Multipath errors result if signals of the same transponder arrive simultaneously at the receiver unit from different directions. In this case, erroneous distances and angles are measured. Because the signals arriving from different directions contain the same transponder ID, they can be assigned to their origin. One of the challenges in post-processing for signal improvement is enhancing the selection of the correct position information by making assumptions about the pedestrian's movement and by knowing the vehicle's current driving parameters. Additionally, information contained in multipath signals is used to form a better estimate for the true position of the transponder. To overcome the problems related to multipath propagation effects, a method is proposed that estimates the origin of a multipath signal and maps the distorted position information back to the true position. A fusion of tracked direct positions and mapped multipath signals leads to an improvement in positioning accuracy.
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