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Order Reduction of LTIV Continuous MIMO System using Stability Preserving Approximation Method

Author(s): K. Ramesh | Dr. A. Nirmalkumar | Dr. G. Gurusamy

Journal: International Journal of Computer Applications
ISSN 0975-8887

Volume: 36;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Model order reduction | Integral Square Error (ISE) | Genetic Algorithm (GA) | Transient gain | Steady state gain

In modeling physical systems, the order of the system gives an idea of the measure of accuracy of the modeling of the system. The higher the order, the more accurate the model can be in describing the physical system. But in several cases, the amount of information contained in a complex model may obfuscate simple, insightful behaviors, which can be better captured and explored by a model with a much lesser order. In this paper, stability preserving method is proposed for the Multiple Input Multiple Output linear time invariant system to obtain the stable reduced order system. The genetic algorithm is used at the tail end of the proposed scenarios to get error minimized reduced model.

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