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 Osteoarthritis Among Women in Bahrain: A Public Health Audit

Author(s): GV Asokan | Muna S. Hussain Abdullah Hussain | Eman JM Ali | Rajendra V Awate | Zahra KA Khadem | Zainab AM Al-Safwan

Journal: Oman Medical Journal
ISSN 1999-768X

Volume: 26;
Issue: 856394;
Start page: 426;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Osteoarthritis | Risk factors. | Public health audit | ordinal regression

 Objective: This study aims to train students on public health survey; correlate risk factors of osteoarthritis and to identify modifiable risk factors. Methods: Osteoarthritis survey was carried out among 420 Bahraini women, above 40 years of age, diagnosed of osteoarthritis, attending ministry of health facilities. Results: Most cases in the study were from the age group of 50-59 years with a mean age of 57. Osteoarthritis: of major joints alone was 74�20of generalized was 21�0and of small joints of hands and feet alone was 5�20Within major osteoarthritis: 48�0were knees alone; 51�0were knee and hip and 2�0were hip alone. Combinations of co-morbidities were found among 43�20History of diagnosed: diabetes in 10�20hypertension among 13�0and hypercholesterolemia in 5�0of cases. Half of the cases in the study were obese and 30�0were overweight. Osteoarthritis of the Knee and the combination of the osteoarthritis of knee and hip was highest among obese followed by overweight cases. Menopause was found among 68� patients. Patients on medication accounted for 85�0and 75�0were on Physiotherapy. Half of the sample had family history of osteoarthritis. While over 90�0were less educated with odds ratio for being housewives at 3.085. The multivariate analysis of ordinal regression returned pseudo R2 of 30�0for the model with the following significant variables: age, BMI, menopause status, exercise, chronic morbidities and family history of osteoarthritis. Conclusion: Overall, the proportion of major osteoarthritis of the weight bearing joints is very high. The modifiable risk factors identified from this study are sedentary lifestyle, obesity and overweight, as well as chronic morbidities.

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