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p-Cu2O-shell/n-TiO2-nanowire-core heterostucture photodiodes

Author(s): Tsai Tsung-Ying | Chang Shoou-Jinn | Hsueh Ting-Jen | Hsueh Han-Ting | Weng Wen-Yin | Hsu Cheng-Liang | Dai Bau-Tong

Journal: Nanoscale Research Letters
ISSN 1931-7573

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 575;
Date: 2011;
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Abstract This study reports the deposition of cuprous oxide [Cu2O] onto titanium dioxide [TiO2] nanowires [NWs] prepared on TiO2/glass templates. The average length and average diameter of these thermally oxidized and evaporated TiO2 NWs are 0.1 to 0.4 μm and 30 to 100 nm, respectively. The deposited Cu2O fills gaps between the TiO2 NWs with good step coverage to form nanoshells surrounding the TiO2 cores. The p-Cu2O/n-TiO2 NW heterostructure exhibits a rectifying behavior with a sharp turn-on at approximately 0.9 V. Furthermore, the fabricated p-Cu2O-shell/n-TiO2-nanowire-core photodiodes exhibit reasonably large photocurrent-to-dark-current contrast ratios and fast responses.

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Tango Rapperswil

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