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A P2P Platform for Real-Time Multicast Video Streaming Leveraging on Scalable Multiple Descriptions to Cope with Bandwidth Fluctuations

Author(s): Lorenzo Favalli | Marco Folli | Alfio Lombardo | Diego Reforgiato | Giovanni Schembra

Journal: International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications
ISSN 0975-2293

Volume: 3;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Video-Transmission | Real-Time | P2P | MDC | QoS

In the immediate future video distribution applications will increase their diffusion thanks tothe ever-increasing user capabilities and improvements in the Internet access speed and performance.The target of this paper is to propose a content delivery system for real-time streaming services based ona peer-to-peer approach that exploits multicast overlay organization of the peers to address thechallenges due to bandwidth heterogeneity. To improve reliability and flexibility, video is coded using ascalable multiple description approach that allows delivery of sub-streams over multiple trees andallows rate adaptation along the trees as the available bandwidth changes. Moreover, we have deployeda new algorithm for tree-based topology management of the overlay network. In fact, tree based overlaynetworks better perform in terms of end-to-end delay and ordered delivery of video flow packets withrespect to mesh based ones. We also show with a case study that the proposed system works better thansimilar systems using only either multicast or multiple trees.
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