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Pamięć autobiograficzna – nowe dane

Author(s): Tomasz Maruszewski

Journal: Neuropsychiatria i Neuropsychologia
ISSN 1896-6764

Volume: 5;
Issue: 3-4;
Start page: 122;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: autobiographical memory | executive functions | working Self

The concept of autobiographical memory stems fromTulving’s works. Tulving distinguished episodic andsemantic memory. New data point to the fact, thatpeople are able to compensate episodic memory deficitswith semantic data in a flexible way. The paper focuseson executive functions of autobiographical memory. Processof construction of autobiographical memories maybe considered as manifestation of these functions. Thesememories are not exclusively readings formerly registereddata, but they are also dynamic representationsplaying an important role in current behavior regulation.Their form and content is influenced not only bymemory traces, but also by situational demands andsocial pressures. Working Self is a main structure responsiblefor construction of autobiographical memories.Relations between autobiographical and collectivememory are analyzed. The idea of working We is suggested.This structure may, at least to some degree fulfillfunctions analogous to functions of working self. Similarityof mechanisms of collective and autobiographicalmemory is manifested by changes of emotional valenceof memories of events that took place both in life of anindividual and in life of a society. Mechanism of prospectivememory were also presented. It is expected thatthis kind of memory become in a close time an objectof numerous analyses. Prospective memory is a field inwhich interaction of motivational, cognitive and socialmechanisms may be observed. The important part ofthis memory is a part of autobiographical memory,because it refers to realization of personal goals.
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