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Pananthropoi – Towards a Society of All Humanity

Author(s): Martha C. E. Van Der Bly

Journal: Globality Studies Journal : Global History, Society, Civilization
ISSN 1557-0266

Volume: 2013;
Issue: 59/September 08 (GSJ Article);
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: cosmopolitanism | globalization | sociological imagination | universalism | world society

How can we imagine a society that encompasses all humanity and excludes no one? Can we theoretically develop a sociological concept of a society that goes beyond thinking of “us” and “them”? In this essay, I attempt to outline a sociological imagination of what I call, in analogy with the supercontinent Pangaea, the “Pananthropoi” – the society of all-humanity that encompasses all and excludes no one. Seven theses describe some characteristics of the Pananthropoi. Arguing that humans’ capacity to crossing borders (in a metaphorical and literal sense) is greater than the desire for its opposite, I interpret the long durée of global history as a process of overall societal convergence. The asymmetry of “unsocial sociability” of the conditio humana, with sociability prevailing over the capacity to disconnect, drives humanity gradually towards one society dawning on the collective horizon of this world: the Pananthropoi.
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