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Paraconsistent Algorithm Extractor of Contradiction Effects - <i>Paraextrctr<sub>ctr</sub></i>

Author(s): Joao Inacio Da Silva Filho | Germano Lambert-Torres | Luiz Fernando Pompeo Ferrara | Maurício Conceição Mário | Marcos Rosa dos Santos | Alexandre Shozo Onuki | José de Melo Camargo | Alexandre Rocco

Journal: Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
ISSN 1945-3116

Volume: 04;
Issue: 10;
Start page: 579;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Algorithm | Non-Classic Logic | Paraconsistent Annotated Logic

Nowadays networks of analyses based in non-classic logics are used with success in the treatment of uncertainties. The characteristic of accepting the contradiction in his structure is the main cause of the methodologies based in Paraconsistent Logic is ideals for applications in systems of analyses and decision making. In this work we presented an algorithm based in Paraconsistent logic capable to extract in a gradual way the effects of the contradiction in originated signals of information of uncertain knowledge database. The Algorithm Paraconsistent Extractor of Contradiction effects - Paraextrctrctr is formed with base in fundamental concepts of the Paraconsistent Annotated Logic with annotation of two values (PAL2v) it can be applied in filters of networks of analyses of signal information where uncertain and contradictory signals can be present. The process of extraction of the effect of the contradiction is always begun by the largest inconsistency degree among two signals that belong to the group that is in analysis. In the end of the analysis it is found a consensus value. In this work we presented numeric example and one example of application of the Paraextrctrctr in Load Profile Forecast used in support to decision of the operation in an Electric Power System, but his application potentiality is demonstrated in several fields of the Artificial Intelligence.

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