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Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome associated with paracoccidioidomycosis

Author(s): COSTA Paulo Sérgio Gonçalves da | HOLLANDA Beatriz Vitória Sabbagh | ASSIS Raimunda Violante Campos de | COSTA Sandra Márcia Carvalho Ribeiro | VALLE Lena Márcia de Carvalho

Journal: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
ISSN 0036-4665

Volume: 44;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 49;
Date: 2002;
Original page

Keywords: Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome | Conjunctivitis | Paracoccidioidomycosis

The authors report one case of Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome associated with Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection. No other medical report of this condition was found in the medical literature available at Index Medicus and Medline. The eye involvement has been rather uncommon in paracoccidioidomycosis and this report emphasizes the possibility of this kind of presentation making it also necessary to include paracoccidioidomycosis among the several known causes of Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome.

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