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The pathophysiology and treatment of chronic fatigue síndrome and other neurosomatic disorders: Cognitive therapy in a pill.

Author(s): Goldstein, Jay A. M.D.

Journal: Alasbimn Journal
ISSN 0717-4055

Volume: 2;
Issue: 7;
Date: 2000;
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Keywords: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Neurosomati Disorders.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its many related disorders are in part, a disorder of the management of sensory input and selection of cognitions by the brain. Information from inside and outside the body is misperceived, resulting in appropriate sensations. Touch can be painful, odors can cause illness, climbing a flight of stairs can be like climbing a mountain. If input is dysregulated, output will be also, because the brain will make regulatory decisions on improper "data processing." Actually, processing occurs properly, but "gating," the control of data input and output from processing centers, is dysfunctional. Thus, patients frequently complain, "my body doesn´t work right." Information from inside the brain (cognitions) may be similarly dysregulated, resulting in inappropriate self-evaluation, self-monitoring, and self-prediction. These cognitions may occur automatically and cause a patient to make erroneous interpretations of situations, e.g., for depression, "people don´t like me, therefore, they will reject me."

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