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Peer Commentary 1 - What Cost Technology? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Technological Gain

Author(s): Justin Ihirangi Heke

Journal: MAI Review
ISSN 1177-5904

Issue: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Economic status | economic history | education history | education policy

Hook’s essay entitled Māori Technological Capacity I: A Socio-economic Opportunity (2007) provides an excellent opportunity to consider socio-economic opportunities relating to Māori technological capacity. The scope of his topic is indeed broad.This review of Hook's article is not so much in terms of how it proposes Māori might make the most of a contemporary 'Socio-economic opportunity' but more in terms of a post-modern deconstruction of why Māori may need to be better informed before seizing an opportunity of this nature. It should be noted that Māori have had a long history of seizing opportunity having leapt at the prospect to voyage from the mythical Māori homeland of 'Hawaiiki' in search of adventure and discovery (Best, 1974; Buck, 1949). Similarly, Māori were quick to incorporate the advantages of neo-European iron artefacts into Māori society (Salmond, 1983;1997). It could be argued that the Māori passion and drive to seek out new opportunities has been somewhat lost in modern times, making Hook’s proposition that there is a need for reinvigoration via new and exciting technological opportunities one worth considering closely. However, one should judge wisely the practices of previous governments in terms of the national economy, education policy and the utilitarian aspect of technology and consequent consumerism. In summary, the Māori community may need to consider which aspects of technology might be beneficial while adhering to a heritage that has embraced developmental opportunities.
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