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A Perception Based Analysis of Internationalization at Malaysian Private Universities

Author(s): Santhi Ramanathan | Seethaletchumy Thambiah | Kavitha Raman

Journal: International Journal of Business and Management
ISSN 1833-3850

Volume: 7;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2012;
Original page

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether the Malaysian private universities’ international efforts adhereto the general approach to internationalization and to explore the degree of perceived importance and perceivedimplementation those efforts at institutional level. By integrating several models and frameworks proposed byscholars in internationalization domain such as Knight and Zha, the paper presents a conceptual frameworkcomprising preliminary factors, strategy factors and process factors of internationalization at universities.Instrument developed for these factors were tested on 204 academics from 10 Malaysian private universities toanalyze their perceived importance and perceived implementation. Based on an overview of all factors, it isfound that the average mean values of factors that perceived as important are higher than the values accountedfor the perceived degree of implementation of internationalization at Malaysian private universities. The studyextends the scope of the internationalization literature on an emerging market context and probably one of thefirst to conduct empirical tests/structured questionnaire in assessing internationalization issues in the context ofthe Malaysian private university sector. The study traced internationalization efforts of Malaysian privateuniversities which provide practitioners with more evidence of the value of internationalization. The conceptualframework exemplified in this study is considered the most significant contribution of this research work interms of providing measurement tools for evaluation and assessment of internationalization efforts in the highereducation domain.
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