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Pharmacognostical and Analgesic Activity of Various Leaves Extracts of Achyranthus Aspera Linn

Author(s): Mohammed Rageeb Mohammed Usman | Md. Abullais Md. Usman | Patil TP | Patil SB

Journal: International Journal For Pharmaceutical Research Scholars
ISSN 2277-7873

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 73;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Achyranthus aspera | Analgesic activity | Column | Pretreatment | Aspirin

Aim of present study was to investigate the analgesic activity of the leaves extracts of Achyranthusaspera linn. The leaves of drug is converted in uniform particle size and extracted by using Petroleumether (60-800 c), Benzene, Chloroform, Ethyl acetate, n-Butanol, and Ethanol solvents. Then TLC andcolumn chromatography is performing for isolation of active principle. This active principle is furthercarryout analgesic activity by Tail flick method and Writhing test method with the help of Aspirin (150mg/kg) as standard drug. In Tail Flick Method the Ethanol extract showed good significant increase inreaction time as compared to pretreatment reaction time, where as n-Butanol, Chloroform, and Pet- etherextract, showed significant increase in reaction time, when compared to pretreatment reaction timeHowever, Benzene and Ethyl acetate extract showed less significant increase in pretreatment reactiontime. In Writhing Test Method the Ethanol extract showed good significant decrease in abdominalwrithes as compared to standard group, where as n-Butanol extract, Ethyl acetate extract, Chloroformextract, Benzene extract, showed significant decrease in abdominal writhes, However, Pet-ether extractand Benzene extract failed to decrease in abdominal writhes when compared to standard group.
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