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Piaget and the theories of organic evolution / Piaget e as teorias da evolução orgânica

Author(s): Argus Vasconcelos de Almeida | Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha Falcão

Journal: Psicologia : Reflexão e Crítica
ISSN 0102-7972

Volume: 21;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 525;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Development and evolution | epigenesis | psychogenesis | theories of organic evolution

Theories of organic evolution, mainly those proposed by Darwin, have strongly influenced human sciences in general, and psychology in particular. Piaget has brought from biology several theoretical proposals which gave support to his formulations concerning human ontogenetic development. The theoretical link between biological and psychological formulations was based on the proposition of correspondences and partial isomorphism between evolutionary biology and cognitive development. However, Piaget's ideas about phylogenetic evolution of live organisms have had little influence over current biology. Nevertheless, epigenetic contemporary theories of biological evolution make use of Piaget's propositions, in theoretical opposition to the neo-Darwinist views. Because of that, it is proposed in this paper the crucial contribution of Piaget in terms of the proposition of a common theoretical ground for psychogenesis and organic evolution.
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