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Pitcher plants of Lambir Hill in Miri, Sarawak State of Malaysia

Author(s): Jumaat H. Adam | Hafiza A. Hamid

Journal: International Journal of Botany
ISSN 1811-9700

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 340;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Sarawak | taxonomy | species composition | dichotomous key | Nepenthes | morphology

Three species and two varieties of pitcher plants were recorded from Lambir Hill in Miri, Sarawak State of Malaysia. They were Nepenthes ampullaria Jack, Nepenthes gracilis Korthals, Nepenthes hookeriana Lindley, Nepenthes rafflesiana Jack var. subglandulosa Adam and Hafiza var. nova and Nepenthes mirabilis (Loureiro) Druce var. echinostoma (Hook fil) Adam and Wilcock. A dichotomous key to these taxa was given. Nepenthes ampullaria was found from 50 to 150 m. Nepenthes gracilis and Nepenthes rafflesiana var. subglandulosa was recorded at 100 m altitude but absent at 50 m altitude. Nepenthes hookeriana and Nepenthes mirabilis var. echinostoma were confined at altitude 50 m but were absent from altitude 100-150 m. These taxa can easily be identified by their morphological characters. Nepenthes ampullaria differs from the other species by possessing the paniculate inflorescence, bracteolate flowers, having only lower pitchers which is urceolate in shape, the lids sizes are distinctly smaller the mouth of the pitcher, lower lid surface glandless and trifid spurs Nepenthes gracilis differs from the other four taxa by it sessile leaves, leaves base being decurrent into two wings, the stem triangular in shape, inconspicuous peristome teeth, very thin peristome (=

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