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Plant Leaf Recognition using Shape based Features and Neural Network classifiers

Author(s): Jyotismita Chaki | Ranjan Parekh

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications
ISSN 2156-5570

Volume: 2;
Issue: 10;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: plant recognition | moment invariants | centroid-radii model | neural network | computer vision.

This paper proposes an automated system for recognizing plant species based on leaf images. Plant leaf images corresponding to three plant types, are analyzed using two different shape modeling techniques, the first based on the Moments-Invariant (M-I) model and the second on the Centroid-Radii (C-R) model. For the M-I model the first four normalized central moments have been considered and studied in various combinations viz. individually, in joint 2-D and 3-D feature spaces for producing optimum results. For the C-R model an edge detector has been used to identify the boundary of the leaf shape and 36 radii at 10 degree angular separation have been used to build the feature vector. To further improve the accuracy, a hybrid set of features involving both the M-I and C-R models has been generated and explored to find whether the combination feature vector can lead to better performance. Neural networks are used as classifiers for discrimination. The data set consists of 180 images divided into three classes with 60 images each. Accuracies ranging from 90%-100% are obtained which are comparable to the best figures reported in extant literature.

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