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Pokrajine v Sloveniji = Regions in Slovenia

Author(s): Andrej Čokert

Journal: Dela
ISSN 0354-0596

Issue: 13;
Start page: 263;
Date: 1998;
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Keywords: political geography | administrative regionalization | regions | local self-government | Slovenia

The reasons behind the need to prepare a law on regionsare both internal and external in nature. We need regions as a second levelof local government primarily to counter internal development problems andthe need for decentralisation in Slovenia. Developmentaly stagnant anddepressed areas account for more than 70% of Slovene territory. The shareof founds earmarked directly from central government for regional promotionis falling and is lower than the average in European Union countries.Analyses of population and employment, and of the economic, infrastructureand educational capacities of the Slovene regions reveal serious regionaldifferences. The reasons for the establishment of regions in Slovenia alsolie in the diversity of regional problems, which are different in Zasavje,Pomurje, Gorenjska or Primorska. Any restriction to an administrativeterritorial division would blur the special regional features which, evenby Europe-wide comparision, are characteristic of Slovenia. And we cannotsimplify the tackling of urgent regional problems as being a matter forrelations between the central government and a large number of very diversemunicipalities.
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