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Political and economic approach of women working in executive levels in the service sector: Ankara state opera and ballet (ASOB) case

Author(s): Ilkben Akansel

Journal: Social and Natural Sciences Journal
ISSN 1804-4158

Volume: 4;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Political economy | Management | Women working | Hegemony | Ideology | Power

Political economy is related to how capitalist system worksby means of distribution of economical and cultural sourceswhich has also a connection between the circumstances ofwomen’s working life. Because hegemony, which is reflectedto hegemony’s ideology, constitutes its force by themediation of the concepts: ‘discrimination’ and ‘segregation’.This force sometimes can effect women as both earningmuch less in some laborforcemarket, facing to harassmentetc. and being obstructed to get toplevelmanagerialpositions in which institutes their work by means of politicaleconomy point of view.In this study, we will examine the art sector which is one ofthe subbranchesof service sector in the laborforcemarket.Our case is Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ASOB). In thiscase, we aim to display how the institution is founded, andaccepted as a part of modernization with the beginning ofRepublic of Turkey and changed especially by means ofpolitical approaches in the last years.While doing this, we will elaborate the concepts of‘discrimination’ and ‘segregation’ which issues womenface in the laborforcemarket. Then, we will relate thesethree concepts with Antonio Gramsci’s ‘hegemony’ andLouis Althusser’s ‘ideology’, Michel Foucault’s ‘power’and we will examine how women are assigned to theexecutive positions in the case of institution which we havechosen.We will study the circumstances which may be narrowedas; whether women are permitted to work in the toplevelmanagement or not, how many women have been workedin the toplevelmanagement in the history of the institution,if quantity has a meaning or not etc., by means of politicaleconomy.By the mediation of aforementioned subjects, we willanalyse the reasons of women being prevented to work inthe toplevelmanagement in the working life by economical,political and social aspects. Consequently, we will elaboratehow political economy, in which implemented wholesociety's structure, creates hindrances for women in theworking life.
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